Unfortunately people are injured, contract terrible diseases and are killed at their workplaces on a regular basis and current statistics show this hasn't changed much over the last decade.

No doubt you have come to this website as part of an ongoing strategic plan on the part of your employer or yourself to stop you or your organisation from fitting into the general industry picture outlined above.  Through your participation, extracting information or doing assessments in this web site you believe accidents/disease in your workplace will stop - unfortunately this is not the case.  Whilst we will provide you with useful information which may be relevant to your workplace, there are a wide variety of situations and events that may result in accidents and injuries in your workplace which the resources on this site cannot and do not cater for.

Therefore, we accept no responsibility for our information as it provided to you on a general basis only.  You should consider all situations in your workplace and, after getting appropriate professional advice on those specific situations, act accordingly.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require such advice, as we are happy to work with you to create a solution for your specific workplace situation.

Please take careful note of this disclaimer and make sure you only act after considering details relevant to your specific circumstances.