The following details are relevant to users of the web site and the resources it has available.

1. General

Kirwan & Associates will make use of data that directly or indirectly identifies users who are accessing the site.

2. Legal

Kirwan & Associates operate within Australian law jurisdiction and our employees who operate the site are subject to the relevant statutes of that jurisdiction only.

3. Data Collection

In the course of using our web site there will be an ability to gather information based on the following:

  • users web browser will provide an identity (IP address) as well as
  • browser type and operating system;
  • a trail of pages visited and duration;
  • e-mail contact details;
  • credit card details.

4. Data Use and Storage

The data outlined above will be stored in a database and archived for a likely minimum of 12 months and maximum of 7 years.

The data will only be used by this firm for:

  • system administration;
  • prevention of security breaches;
  • tailoring web site information to specific needs;
  • research and development.

5. Disclosure

All data obtained will be treated in confidence and only disclosed to any third parties where it is legally requestioned, ie. search warrant or subpoena.